Generate video from template


This API is deprecated and will be removed in 6 months. Please migrate to List Templates V2 and Template Generation V2 . Finetuned and Studio Avatars created after 03/21/2024 will no longer be supported in v1 API.

Request Body

template_idstringUnique identifier for the template video.
testboolSet the test flag to true to use test mode. Generation in test mode will not cost your credits and will contain a watermark on your video.
titlestringOptional, Your video title.
caption_openboolSet it true to create video with caption.
variablesList of variables you want to replace.
variables[].namestringThe name of the variables.
variables[].propertiesObjectProperties of the variables you want to replace.


stringUnique identifier for the object.
errorjsonOptional, the error detail of the video.
statusstringVideo status, one of
- processing (The video is rendering)
- completed (The video render success)
- failed (An error occurred when rendering video).


You may use this web tool to find out the variable name for your video template.

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