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Upload face method Image format not supported"

When you run the Upload face method from <https://docs.heygen.com/reference/upload-face-copy>, the function is executed. But when I copy the same php (curl) code to my file and run it on my server I get the error {"code":40002,"message":"Image format not supported"}. What could be the problem


Hi, Is it possible to add subtitle to generated video?

How to check if a webhook came from Movio

I created a webhook and it works but when I get it I don't see the secret key in it. How can I make sure that the request came from Movio

How do I put a picture in front of the avatar by create video api

As the website does, how do I put a picture in front of the avatar by create video api

How to use the faceswap API?

How to use the faceswap API? What is the value of the parameter faceswap_mapping .

the video generated have a black background towards the end

Why, when using the template.generate interface, does the video generated have a black background towards the end, and the original template image is gone? Here is the code: import requests url = "<https://api.heygen.com/v1/template.generate>" import requests url = "<https://api.heygen.com/v1/template.generate>" payload = { "template_id": "df40ac22cfe9421aa9c3578de7ae5af3", ``` "title": "replace avatar", "test": True, "variables": [ { "properties": { "id": "00f94d73ac0c4c70bed22ba08787e0d9", "text": "Hello, I am Zhang Xiaole, an employee at Yuan Digital.", "voice_id": "3b1633a466c44379bf8b5a2884727588" }, "name": "photar_0" } ], ``` } headers = { "accept": "application/json", "content-type": "application/json", "x-api-key": 'xxxx' } response = requests.post(url, json=payload, headers=headers)

Set multiple backgrounds

I want to create a video through the <https://api.heygen.com/v1/video.generate> interface, but this interface can only set global backgrounds. How to set backgrounds for different scenes through this interface. Can only replace existing templates.

How to distinguish free voice

Hi, HeyGen team. I want to use the voice in the voice list. But an error occurred: 'Please upgrade to use premium voices or try a free voice'. How do I differentiate between free voice


Get upload URL

Hi Heygen Team, I want to create 'Talking photo'/ TPs from API. By following the "use cases: Create a video with your own photo". I can't get the response 200 from "Get upload URL" API. I use node js to fetch the data. But the response is 400(BAD REQUEST). I also test other APIs like 'create video' or others. It works fine. Is there anything that I'm missing? ``` const url = 'https://api.heygen.com/v1/upload_url.get'; const contentType = 'image/jpeg' const headers = { 'x-api-key': heygenAuthToken, 'Content-Type': 'application/json' } const body = { content_type: 'image/jpeg' }; try { const response = await fetch('https://api.heygen.com/v1/upload_url.get', { method: 'GET', headers, body: JSON.stringify(body) }); }catch(err){ console.log(err); } ``` Thanks for your help Br,