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I have problem with StreamingAvatarApi.js in library of Heygen

Uncaught TypeError: debugStream is not a function at peerConnection.oniceconnectionstatechange (StreamingAvatarApi.js:533:1) This thing happen everytime even I don't have this function

Error Uploading Consent Video

Overtime we upload a consent via a mobile recording it always return to an error: Please make sure you read out the code correctly. We have done it multiple times and said the passcode clearly on video and it still returns to the same error.

Request to add voice pause in streaming avatar

the interrupt API doesn't work with 100% accuracy and timings. sometimes the avatar keep speaking even after triggering the interrupt api which leads to poor UX.

https://api.heygen.com/v2/templates Api returning with empty data

I'm trying to get the template id of my latest template to pass the variable values from the api but I'm not able to get the template id even from the website (Can't copy, permission error, even I'm owner of the workspace) and even not from the api (empty) I'm sending my x-api-key without it get a unauthorized error

Streaming Avatar different voice integration

I want to maintain the current lip-syncing functionality while integrating a third-party voice provider like Elevenlabs and LLM to improve response times. Is this feasible? If so, are there any existing sample implementations? Additionally, I've noticed a 2-4 second delay between receiving the LLM response and the avatar talking. I'm aiming to minimize this latency. Would implementing streaming LLM response or switching to a faster voice provider and LLM help? Alternatively, might deploying the application to the cloud improve performance? For reference, I'm comparing my results to the streaming avatar demo on HeyGen's website, which appears to have faster response times.

Do You Have Python Sdk

Do You have python code? to implemet avatar starming

Is there a way to trigger automation when new HeyGen video is generated using API?

Hi Gokce, I’m trying to figure out whether that’s possible to create a Make.com automation that will be triggered each time a new video is generated by HeyGen using API? So that it would be: Every time new video is generated -> the automation starts I saw that Zapier was able to create it. Thank you in advance!

How to use Mp3 files as scrips with API

Is there a way to upload a Mp3 file as a script like its possible on the HeyGen platform?

How many videos can I make in trial token

I want to ask how many videos can I make on trial token and using Free plan

Video ready

Hello, Each time i submit a video, it return me error? Pls help? <br /> Regards