Video Playback Styles in Template

The play_style is essential in creating engaging and dynamic video content using templates in HeyGen. They allow you to control how video elements behave within your templates. HeyGen offers four distinct video playback styles: fit_to_scene, freeze, loop, once.

Let's explore each video playback style and its effects.

Fit to Scene

The fit_to_scene playback style adjusts the video's playback speed to ensure that its duration matches the scene's duration perfectly.

It might speed up or slow down the video to achieve this synchronization. It is useful when you want your video element to precisely match the scene's timing, maintaining synchronization for a cohesive and seamless viewing experience.


With the freeze playback style, the video element stops playing once it reaches its end. However, the last frame of the video remains static and is displayed until the end of the video track. There is no continuous loop.

It is employed when you want to emphasize a particular frame or image, and you don't want any further motion.


The loop playback style does exactly what its name suggests. It makes the video element loop continuously until the end of the video track. This means that the video will play over and over again without any interruption.

It is ideal for scenarios where you want a video element to repeat indefinitely, creating continuous motion or animation.


When you select the once playback style, the video element plays through its content just once from start to finish. After the video reaches its end, it stops, and there is no looping.


Now that you're familiar with the different video playback styles available in HeyGen, you can confidently select the style that best suits your template videos. This gives you control over the behavior of the video elements in your scenes and ensures that your videos are engaging and effective.