The goal of this guide is to help you set up automatic workflows, such as creating and sending personalized videos, talking photos, and more, with HeyGen's integration with Zapier. All of these can be achieved without a single line of code.

Zap Templates for Automatic Video Creation

Zap Templates for Automatically Distributing Videos

Zap Templates for Monitoring HeyGen Video Events

Other Useful HeyGen Zap Templates

Where to start

Get HeyGen API key

You'll need to be on HeyGen Pro plan to get access to most of the API features. Upgrade your plan today to unlock all of the API features. If you want to try first, you can use the trial token in your account settings. Learn how to find your API key/trial token here. Note that trial token is limited to up to 5 videos per day, and will contain a watermark on the output video.

Find HeyGen's integration on Zapier

Search "HeyGen" on Zapier or go here.

HeyGen + Zapier: Creating and Sending

With Zapier you are able to create complete automatic workflow of creating and sending personalized videos. Since a video may take 1-5 minutes depending on the length, the best practice is to have at least two zaps: one for video creation and another one for automatically sending the video after it's ready. The first zap will be triggered when some external condition is met (from other Zapier apps) and it will send information to HeyGen to create a personalized video. The second Zap will then be triggered when the video is ready from HeyGen and it will send the video to external destinations like email, SMS, YouTube, etc (via other Zapier apps).

Zaps for automatic video creation

The first zap will be a trigger for automatic video creation based on some external events (which can be from other Zapier apps).

Zap Trigger

For the Zap trigger in this step, here are a few examples you can use:

  • Typeform (new entry)
  • Google Sheets, EasyCSV (new row in spreadsheet)
  • Shopify, Stripe (new customer, new order, ...)
  • Gmail, Email by Zapier (new incoming email)
  • Calendly (new invitee created)
  • ... And many more

Zap Action: Automatic video creation on HeyGen

You can choose either of the following two HeyGen actions as your Zap action:

  • Create a Video

  • Create a Video From Template

    If you use the first action, you'll need to supply the Avatar/Talking Photo ID, the text for voice as well as the Voice ID, and the background color/image. This gives you the most flexibility when creating an avatar video. If you use the second action, you'll need to specify the Template HeyGen Video ID, and provide which variables you want to substitute. For example, you might want to add your customer's name from the previous step to your voice script.

Zaps for automatically sending videos

The second zap will serve as a method to save or distribute your personalized video.

Zap Trigger: HeyGen avatar video triggers

You can choose from the following HeyGen triggers based on your need:

  • Avatar Video Event

  • Avatar Video Success

  • Avatar Video Fail

    Note that the first trigger will be triggered no matter if the video is successful or failed. If the video creation is successful, you will get a URL to the newly generated video. Otherwise, you will get an error message.

Zap Action: Distribute your HeyGen personalized video

Then you can choose from external Zap actions to distribute your newly generated HeyGen video (via the video URL from the previous step). Below are some examples:

  • Gmail, Email by Zapier (send the video via email)
  • Google Sheets (add the video into a new row)
  • Google Drive (save the video into your drive)
  • Slack (send video completion message to your team software)
  • ... And many more

Additional Tutorials

Checkout the following two blog tutorials to learn more about out Zapier integration:


Feel free to email [email protected] if you have any question about our Zapier integration.

What’s Next

Try the HeyGen Zapier integration now by visiting Zapier from the link below. You can start with our Zap templates.