Streaming Avatar API

HeyGen's Streaming Avatar API allows developers to seamlessly integrate dynamic digital avatars into their applications for immersive and interactive user experiences. With this API, you can create virtual assistants, real-time training simulations, and more, with a focus on real-time, low-latency communication between users and avatars with power of WebRTC.

You can test the Streaming Avatars API with your Trial token.

Quick Start

For a quick start, you can use our Streaming Avatar Demo GitHub repository. or install our NPM Package. directly to your project.

Please see the GitHub projects for installation instructions.

More Information

For more information about testing the Streaming Avatar API, including pricing information, please read our Streaming Avatar 101 Help center article

About the Streaming Protocol

The Streaming Avatar API leverages the WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) protocol to ensure low-latency, secure communication between browsers and applications. This foundational technology offers advantages including low latency, cross-browser compatibility, data security, and scalability. For detailed information on WebRTC, visit the WebRTC website or WebRTC API page on MDN.

Use Cases

From interactive e-learning and gaming to virtual customer support and immersive entertainment, real-time avatars have the potential to transform industries.

In summary, the Streaming Avatars API empowers developers to create dynamic and interactive experiences by streaming avatar videos in real time. Whether you're building virtual assistants, customer support, or immersive training simulations, these APIs offer the tools needed to bring avatars to life within your applications, marking a significant advancement in user engagement and interactivity.