Welcome to the HeyGen API Postman collection. This collection provides a convenient way to interact with the HeyGen API directly from Postman. 👩‍🚀

Postman is a popular tool for testing APIs that allows you to make requests and see responses without writing code. Using Postman collections, you can easily organize and manage your API requests.

Import to Your Postman

  1. Access the HeyGen API Postman collection.
  2. Click the Run in Postman button.
  3. Choose whether to open Postman in your browser or the Postman desktop app.
  4. Select a workspace to import the collection and environment into.

Setting Up in Postman

  1. In Postman, go to the Environments tab on the left panel and select the My HeyGen API Environment environment.
  2. Update the heygen-api-token value with your current HeyGen API token.
  3. Ensure My HeyGen API Environment is selected as the active environment using the environment selector at the top right corner of Postman.

Using the HeyGen API Postman collection simplifies the process of interacting with the HeyGen API, making it easier to test and manage your API requests. Follow the steps above to import and set up the collection in Postman for a streamlined experience.