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How to locate Exclusive Version 1 Avatars in Version 2

How can I locate avatars that were exclusively available in version 1 when using version 2? For instance, "Eric_public_lite1_20230601".

When will the faceswap function be available?

Can it be called now?

Generate video with API without watermark?

Recently I've subscribed to the "Creator" plan. I've tested my Trial Token successfully in test mode, using the API. Now I wanted to generate a video in production mode but it was still generated in test mode with the watermark... I believe with a "Creator" subscription we should be able to generate 5 videos per day without the watermark, at least this is what's displayed under my Trial Token. 🤔 (And yes, in the POST request I've set "test": false)


I request to cancel my subscription since it is not what I need

Avatar Selection using Streaming API

Hi, I'm implementing a solution using HeyGen's Streaming API, and so far I've been using the default avatar for that. But I saw on the website that we also have the option to use any of ours existing HeyGen Studio Avatars, but I'm not sure properly on how does that work. I know we can specify the `avatar_name`, but I couldn't find a place to get it. I then tried using the Avatar's API (both V1 and V2) to get the list of all the available avatars, but none of the `avatar_name`s seems to work. Is there anything I might be missing? Also, is it possible to upload my own avatars? Does the streaming api work with photo avatars? Thanks!

Avatar to provide real time feedback

Would I be able to use the new API capability to provide real-time feedback to students submitting assignments if I upload the directions and scoring rubric?

Cloning avatar - Streaming

Is it possible to use one of the clones I created with you in streaming?

can i create a avatar on the heygen and then use that video using api in my website

i want to create a avatar which reads the text which is connected to chatgpt , so which avatar is best

How to save directly to local directory instead of download format

Is there a way to save the video retrieved with "Retrieve a video" directly to a local directory instead of retrieving it in download format?

Browser support

Our digital human test on Safari does not show. Do we support macbook's Safari browser or ios's browser device?